My #1 Tip to Manage Anger , Sadness , Despair & Frustration

A tip to manage anger

A lot has been written on how to manage Anger,Sadness, Despair & Frustration. Maybe, there are hundreds of books available in the market to get things done and keep that temper down. I personally have not read a single book on this topic though ! I mean, When you are really angry about something or frustrated or downright sad, Is it even possible to go through different methods of managing the situation ?

What’s the use of books, If you are not able to use the theories in practice when you are really Angry!

But, Here’s My #1 Tip to Manage Anger. If you decide to invest the next 10 minutes in reading this post & promise to use this super tip every single time you find yourself being angry / sad / frustrated or in despair, Your anger will simply melt away. Not only that, But you will find a solution to all your problems. Tall claims, eh? Happy Reading !

The Root cause of your sadness is your big fat Ego.The Ego or “That” which you identify as My / Me / I  loves to personalize every single idea that comes to your mind. Look at the statement below –

Nothing great is happening with My Life

Even though Nothing great is happening with the “I” at this moment, it is this very fact that is getting the “I” frustrated. Being frustrated with life itself is the emotion that the Ego attaches immediately to. This causes the mind to function abnormally and hence you feel sad and hopeless about your situation. What happens though, when you de-attach the “I” from the thought above ?

Nothing great is happening with my life at this momentAs soon as you focus only on the situation & not on the “I” / My / Mine in the thought, the frustration begins to melt away. Maybe the entire situation does not get solved immediately. But the mind functions rationally & possibly leads to the following questions:

What are the missing things in my life

As soon as it is clear as to what is really wrong, The next logical step is to find solutions to the problems. Probably once the anger has really melted away, You find solutions flowing freely through you:

Solutions to the situation

Once the solutions are clear, All you need to do is remember to act on them till they show results.  This technique might really help you the next time you are sad or angry about yourself. It certainly helps to write your situation down on a piece of paper & analyze it the way we did in this post above.  What do you think ? Will this method work? Do comment below with your thoughts ! Thanks for reading.

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