10 Hints to Write Spectacular E-mails

If you are working at a modern day work place, E-mails is pretty much one of the top 3 modes of communication for work – Voice , E-mails or In-Person Meetings. E-mails still take the top slot as there is documentary proof for everything discussed. However in the hustle and bustle of a busy work days, A lot of e-mails are not effective.

David Ogilvy, the legendary founder of O&M advertising agency once wrote a memo to his staff with 10 incredible tips on writing advertising copies. Revisiting the memo, I penned down 10 hints that can help all of us to write e-mails better. If you like what you read below, you may want to check out David Ogilvy’s book – Confessions of an Advertising Man. Happy reading !

  1. Watch your subject line. It should not be larger than 9 words.
  2. Write the way you talk. Naturally. Try and keep your e-mails short.
  3. Use short words, sentences and paragraphs.
  4. Never use jargon words like conceptualize, attitudinal, judgmentally. Vocabulary is the single most over-rated word in the dictionary. You already have enough.
  5. Do not hit the “Send” button immediately after you are done writing. Re-read it. Check for the subject line, size of the e-mail, grammar, spellings, colors and font.
  6. If your e-mail is about important stuff, get your colleague to proof-read it.
  7. Before you “Send”, make sure that the e-mail is crystal clear in terms of what you want the recipient to do. If there is no clear action item, that e-mail will certainly fail.
  8. If the person you are writing to is in the same office, do not WRITE an e-mail first. Walk up to them if you want ACTION. Follow it up with an e-mail.
  9. Do NOT write about two different issues / subjects in the same e-mail. Chances is one of them will stay un-attended.
  10. If an e-mail thread is getting too long, consider changing the subject and highlighting priority. It generally gets a quick response.

Does it sound convincing ? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below !

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