Aaditya Barve spreads his love for strength training and nutrition with you !

It was a late Sunday evening in the early days of August of 2017 & I was sitting by my laptop checking a few e-mails for the work week that was staring at me with big round eyes, just a few hours away. As I hit the “Send” button on my Gmail console to my team, the doorbell to my house rang. Ah! I said, All in good time. It was the delivery boy, Rahul from one of India’s fastest growing food tech companies and the 25-year-old had cut through about 8 kilometers of traffic to reach my home with a medium sized thin crust, Meat Loader Pizza and a bottle of soda that I had placed an order for about 40 minutes ago. I paid Rahul the money and asked him to keep the change. Rahul’s face lit up when he saw the change & he wished me a good evening and went away.

My plan, on the other hand, was set. It was an evening of some Pizza and Coke while I sat by my laptop for the next couple of hours watching a movie or maybe browsing through social media & other websites.  As I was browsing through an article, an ad flashed on the page and the headline said – Men at Risk: The young male heart is under attack

78% of Indian men between 30 and 34 years of age run the risk of a heart ailment

As I kept reading through the article with a slice of pizza in my hand, I was shocked to learn that a staggering 78% of men between the ages of 30 and 34 run the risk of a heart ailment. The article said that the hearts of young Indian males are aging faster than the previous generations. Anecdotally, it is easy to attribute the reasons for a faster rate of aging to Increased Stress at the workplace and a range of Lifestyle habits which include the choice of food, sedentary lifestyle among others.

If you are hooked onto the statistics read above already, you could also head to this link here and check an approximate age of your heart – Take this test to know the real age of your heart! before reading ahead.

Obesity or being overweight has a big link to maintaining good heart health. The top 3 factors that can help you take care of your heart better are – Weight, Cholesterol, and Blood Pressure.

Cutting down weight is the fastest way to protect your heart’s health. Managing your cholesterol, weight and blood pressure can help you take care of your heart well

While Managing weight and cholesterol might need intelligent food choices, regular exercise can help maintain a healthy heart rate & also deal with stresses better. This, in turn, can help maintain the blood pressure at optimum levels leading to better heart health!

While the incident described above might seem totally dramatic, I remembered it vividly today when I was working with one of Pune’s charming fitness consultants, Aaditya Barve.

Aaditya Barve is a K-11 certified master trainer, based in Pune. He is on a personal mission of eradicating lifestyle diseases one person at a time.

I met Aaditya Barve a few years ago when he was a fitness consultant at the Endurance Fitness club. Since then, he has progressed by leaps and bounds both in terms of physique and his knowledge and experience in the fitness industry. He is a master trainer from one of India’s fastest growing fitness academies – K-11 Academy of Fitness Sciences and is totally committed to inspiring people to build a better health.

I decided to interview Aaditya to understand his journey in the fitness industry, his motivations & his love for superbikes too ;).

YogicDesire: Hey Aaditya. How are you?
Aaditya Barve: Hi Tejas, I am doing good myself. How are you?

I wanted to be an MBA. But Strength training was my passion. Ultimately, My passion became my profession.

YogicDesire: I am doing good myself, Thank You! I have been following you on and off all social media channels; I think since the time you used to train at Endurance Fitness club & was absolutely pleased to see the kind of progress you have achieved over the past few years. I am curious to know, how did the idea of being a part of the fitness industry happen to you?
Aaditya Barve: I get this quite often, Ha-ha! To be frank, All I ever wanted was an MBA / M. Com degree as it enjoys a certain reputation and respect in the “society”. Being a Commerce graduate myself, who managed to barely pass, the MBA degree would have been a tough nut to crack; But I was still committed to doing it for the sake of it. On the other hand, strength training was something I have always been passionate about. Probably, out of passion, I became very keen to learn the science and processes of achieving a good body composition via correct nutrition and exercise protocols. That’s where K-11 happened to me. The K-11 Academy of Fitness Sciences played a major role in changing my perception towards the fitness industry in general. I was already passionate, but K-11 made me ambitious of making my mark in this industry. The funny part is, I never had a role model. If you ask a tennis enthusiast, they would say Boris Beker or Roger Federer. But, I had no reference point. All I wanted to be the best version of myself as a trainer and a nutritionist. So, then one thing led to another and I finally became a K-11 certified Master trainer.

K-11 certified Master trainer Aaditya Barve in his gym gear

YogicDesire: Fascinating. So, I was checking out your Instagram channel & clearly you are very active there. The bio says you are “Not just a personal trainer”; So then, who are you?
Aaditya Barve: I am a Personal Trainer and a Sports Nutritionist! But if I stop there then what’s the difference between me and many other fitness professionals out there?  So, when I say I am “Not just a personal trainer”, it means – “I will be your friend, a teacher, educator, mentor, guide & hopefully your role model too!”. It does not stop there. I am on a personal mission to completely and totally reversing every chronic disease out there through lifestyle modification and necessary dietary changes. I believe in what Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said – “Let Food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food”.

I am your personal trainer & your nutritionist too. But more than that, I want to be your role model when it comes to fitness.

YogicDesire: So, what is your fitness routine like?
Aaditya Barve: I do a combination of Strength Training and Cardio. I start Each workout session with adequate warm-up which includes mobilization of all joints to avoid any injuries and boost performance. It ends with good amount of flexibility training at the end of the workout to improve the extensibility and elasticity of skeletal muscles to achieve full and complete range of motion across joints. Absolute Time Duration is something which I tend to overlook when it comes to workouts. I end my workouts when the planned exercises are done and dusted. Watches and cellular devices are miles away when I exercise.

My cell phones are kept miles away when I workout.

YogicDesire: Here’s a personal question: How important is measuring daily workouts/activity to improve fitness? What parameters would you advocate every person to measure?
Aaditya Barve: According to me, measuring calories is like living in a fool’s paradise. We live in a world of Fitbit, Garmin and other trackers. But, to be brutally honest, these trackers are yet not 100% accurate. Calories is one deceiving unit and I advise my clients never to measure them. But then, measuring your exercise output is extremely important otherwise it is difficult to analyze progression. So, if you are doing any type of cardiovascular activity, measure the distance covered and the time you took to cover that distance. If you are lifting weights, measure the iron you can pump. There’s a famous saying that goes – “People come and go, but the Iron never lies”. So, measure your strength gains by how much weight you can lift by occasionally challenging your muscles with the maximum weight you can lift in 1 single repetition of an exercise. The lesser you weigh and more you lift, the stronger you are. Everything else is a farce.

K-11 certified Master trainer Aaditya Barve in his gym gear

YogicDesire: What would your advice be for folks who are starting out on a gym routine? There’s so much to choose from in the market today, Be it cross-fit, gyms, and other exercises too.
Aaditya Barve: The pre-requisite for each exercise out there is Strength. That does not change. For newbies, I would recommend them to embark upon a fitness journey that includes functional movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and bench presses. This will create a firm based and the gains will carry over into advanced exercises you would do as you get stronger. Of Course, Cardio should be incorporated every alternate day to improve stamina and endurance.

Calories are over-rated. The iron does not lie. So, train hard & watch your body change.

YogicDesire: What’s the key to become lean, Aaditya?
Aaditya Barve: When we hear the word “Lean”, what we picture is nothing but a set of dashboard abs. Lesser body fat percentages and improved quantum of skeletal muscles will make sure you look lean. Consistency of exercise is the key, but you must be consistent on your dinner table as well. Just working out on the gym floor for hours and eating whatever you feel like will not make you lean. If you train and eat to become lean, you’ll never be lean. But yes, if you train for strength and athletics your body will follow and become lean. Aesthetics is nothing but a byproduct of strength. Aim to get stronger and follow a diet void of refined sugars and optimum amount of protein and dietary fat, you’ll get lean!

If you are starting out, start with strength training. Focus on your form and action. Do not forget to exercise your cardiovascular system every alternate day.

YogicDesire: What’s your take on supplements? Is it safe to have a scoop of Whey after my work-out?
Aaditya Barve: Whey protein might be the healthiest thing on any market shelf. It’s a very high-quality protein derived from milk. The reason why people go bonkers about Whey is because they think it will have some or other side effects. Side effects are adverse effects and each and everything which we consume in excess has a side effect. But you need to define excess. For example, a person might die due to consuming excess water, a condition known as hyponatremia. So, does that conclude water is bad?
There were reported cases that some Whey Protein Distributors used to open the jars and mix Anabolic Steroids in them so the customer would get quick results. Any Steroid or Drug has a side effect. So, when people found out about this they easily made WHEY protein the villain. So, you can safely consume Whey Protein not just post workout, but during the day too.

K-11 certified Master trainer Aaditya Barve in his gym gear

YogicDesire: Why would I need a fitness consultant at all?
Aaditya Barve: I believe that the fitness industry in India is yet to see a lot of growth. Personal trainers today are still hired as a status symbol, A luxury. It is assumed that A personal trainer will bring the weights to the clients, rack and unrack the dumbbells, load the plates into the machine so that all the labor work is saved by the client. People thinking the same either have no regard for exercise sciences or maybe they are uneducated about the fitness field yet. Also, the goals differ by every person. Some will come to the gym to do a few curls, aerobics, socialize or sweat it out only around the cardio machines. A good personal trainer will help you around goal setting, exercise protocols, form and technique, monitoring of performance and diets too!

65% of your mother’s milk had Whey. Why would whey protein be dangerous?

A good cardio machine is like your own Personal Trainer. Once a program is fed in the machine, the machine won’t really sense whether you are tired or not and will continue till the program is finished or manually stopped. This ensures you run an extra mile and achieve the goal which you have set.

Weight Training is different. No machine, dumbbell, barbell, plate, bench or cable can be a source of judging failure, monitoring intensity or rectifying form and technique. This is where the role of a Personal Trainer is of utmost importance. The words Form and technique are used so blatantly, that they have spread like a virus around the gym goers and these days no one really gives a damn how their form is while lifting weights.

As your personal trainer, I am not here to rack your weights and unrack them. I am not here to scream while you do your repititions either. I am here to set your goals, check your form and action, motivate you & help you achieve your dream.

Funnily, Resistance training is the only modality of exercise where there’s so much disrespect to How you lift the weights? For instance, have you ever seen a competitive swimmer in Lane 1 freestyling differently than the swimmer in Lane 2? No! The form and techniques used here are same. It’s because that form will help them achieve the best speeds. It will help them cut through the water at ease. Same goes in lifting weights. If the form and technique is picture perfect, you will be able to lift 10 pounds heavier. You will be maximizing efficiency. Efficiency is nothing but minimum efforts and maximum output. A Personal trainer will make sure you first get the form right and then start lifting heavier. If you want to lift the heaviest, your form must be perfect.

So, if you are looking at minimizing injury & maximizing returns on the gym floor, hiring a personal trainer is a must. Your personal trainer will make sure that your form and technique is right throughout the set, and that you maintain the rigidity and body tightness all through to the last repetition. He will be the one to judge and make corrections for you. A good personal trainer will set goals for you. Whether it is about losing fat, building muscle or getting stronger at your workouts or running an extra mile, He will help you do it by correctly assessing your body type.

If you are looking to minimize potential injuries and maximize your physical gains and therefore achieve your goals, Hire a certified personal trainer.

People spend ages in the Gym without results & frankly they are the most demotivated ones. The reason – They do not see a return on their investment made in the gym. Motivation is a tremendous factor contributing towards a complete change in an individual’s lifestyle. Just shouting through the sets, isn’t motivation. Reminding my customers on why they joined the gym and leading them to their goal is also motivation. The final fruits of all this labor belong to the client. They get fitter in the end!

It is important to note that not every client is normal. Some might be fighting a strong disorder like Polio or some might be injured in another accident. It is important to select the correct exercise to make sure that existing condition does not get aggravated on the gym floor. This is why it is important to hire a certified fitness consultant.

K-11 certified Master trainer Aaditya Barve in his gym gear

YogicDesire: Well Said! So, how can I hire you as my personal fitness consultant?
Aaditya Barve:  I am very much active on my Instagram handle – aaditya.barve. You can follow me there and just send out a direct message or you can email me at barve.aadi@gmail.com

YogicDesire: Thank You Aaditya. Wish you all the power on your mission of making people fit!
Aaditya Barve: It’s my pleasure.

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  1. Ravindra R BudhkarMarch 24, 2018 at 11:39 am

    G8 to know about you Aditya. I have been watching you right from your childhood. You are dedicated . G8 and keep it up. Its not far that maximum people are and will follow for fitness as per the current lifestyle i.e. work and its load,traffic time, over burden work, stress and many more facotors. Comparing to this, there are less certified fitness trainers like you. I say you are IP Man for fitness. Hey K11 . Keep it up.


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