About Us

Our Mission

Yogic Desire is on a mission to inspire people around the world to lead a fulfilling life. A fulfilling life is a combination of a healthy disease free body, well tuned emotional energies that get used in relationships on an everyday basis & a dash of spiritual insight. We believe that Money and Success in the commercial world are only a by-product of a fulfilled life.

How can you contribute?

We are constantly looking for brand new articles. If there’s something that has worked for you in one of the following areas – Physical / Emotional / Spiritual & you wish to share with the world, Please write to us by visiting the Contact Us page on our site.

You can also join our page on Facebook, called The Fitness Porch

The Fitness Porch intends to get all fitness enthusiasts together. So, if you have a question about fitness, or want to share your progress or simply read credible information to become fit yourself, this group is for you.

The Fitness Porch - A health and fitness community on Facebook

Can you advertise on the site?

We are able to keep Yogic Desire free for you due to advertisements. Yogic Desire works with the Google Adsense program and a few other affiliate programs to recover our costs. We are open to let you advertise on our website. Please write to us by visiting the Contact Us page on our site & we shall take it ahead.