The Barefeet Guy Launches a Powerful 150 Day Campaign to Promote Good Health Using Exercise Science and Appropriate Nutrition

The BareFeet Guy , Sagar training a client

One of Pune’s leading Fitness & Nutrition consultants, The BareFeet Guy ( Sagar Jadhav) has launched a powerful 150-day campaign to promote good health among the masses using two powerful tools – Exercise Science and Appropriate Nutrition. This 150-day campaign will be structured in two distinct phases & kick-start from the 7th May 2018. In the first phase, Sagar will be quitting his regular workout regimen entirely & also give up any adherence to nutrition as well for a period of 60 days. He will gain body weight & increase his fat percentage too during this phase. In the second phase of the campaign, he will do the reverse. By adhering to proper nutrition & a well-planned workout regimen, he will gain his fitness over the next 90 days.

Why does The BareFeet Guy Want to do This Campaign?

When I asked Sagar the reason for doing this campaign, he said, “It’s been 10 long years over which I have strictly adhered to a well-planned workout schedule & have also laid strong emphasis on my nutrition too. I weigh 86 kilograms today with 20% body fat. Ironically, I was never this healthy. I come in from a very humble background where I was a dull kid. I was overweight and extremely low on my self-confidence. Being a part of a group of people & having a simple conversation with them was a difficult affair. My grades in school suffered as a result & I really had no life. Exercise and Nutrition saved me. My profession makes me interact with various kinds of people on a daily basis & I literally see the old Me, in some of the people I meet. The difference with me today is, I understand how fitness sciences work. I also know that the Body is simply what you have made it be. But armed with scientific knowledge in fitness & nutrition, I also know that the Human Body can show some remarkable transformation in 90 days. I am on a personal mission, so to say, to help one person at a time transform his physical health for the better. I am doing it for them.”

I am a big fan of Ketogenic diets or let me just say, Since I completed my Master Trainer certification from @k11academyoffitnesssciences, my belief in this diet was strongly instilled, only because it was backed by solid science. That's the diet I follow on a daily basis too. There is a wrong notion in the minds of people that ketogenic diets are boring. That's completely untrue. Here's a healthy version of a Keto Dessert. . . Espresso Panna cotta 200 ml fresh cream 2-3 tablespoons of milk Stevia as per taste (This is to avoid refined sugar) 1 tablespoon full of gelatin 1 teaspoon Instant coffee powder Recipe Take about 3 tablespoons of water in a bowl and sprinkle the gelatin on it. Let it bloom for about 10 mins. Heat it in a microwave in bursts of 20 secs till all the gelatin melts. You can do this one a stove top as well. . . Heat the cream along with the milk and stevia on low heat till it comes to a boil. Keep stirring in between so it doesn't burn. Take it off the heat once boiled. Add the coffee powder and stir well till it's dissolved. Lastly, add the gelatin and mix well. . . Pour in your desired moulds and let it set in the fridge for 2 hours. I make 2 servings from this recipe. Garnish with chopped almonds and enjoy! . . Nutrition Information (Macros) per serving Protein – 4 grams Carbohydrates – 3.2 grams Fat – 25 grams . . __________________________________________________ Do you need a personalized diet / workout plan? Reach out to me here: ? ? #ketogenicdiets #ketodessert #healthandfitnessmotivation #healthyeating #eatcleantraindirty #pune #punefitness #barefeetguy #marathimulga #marathitouch #gymshark #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #fitnessfreak #nopainnogain #gymtime #fitnessgoal #back #gymholic #beastmode #nevergiveup #musclepower #pannacotta #coffee #espresso

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Where will The BareFeet Guy document His Journey?

Sagar will be documenting this entire journey on his Instagram handle – @barefeetguy.india & his Facebook Page – The BareFeet Guy too. He will post pictures, videos & also describe everything he’s feeling or doing during this process from Fit to Fat to Fit again.

If you follow his Instagram feed, you will find a number of transformations he has already achieved. At YogicDesire, we believe, if there’s anyone who can pull this campaign off well, its The BareFeet Guy.

८ महिने , व्यायाम ,योग्य ते Nutrition आणि Scientific सल्ला , ह्या बळावर तुम्ही पण तुमचं शरीर बदलू शकता. मी तयार आहे तुम्हाला Weight Loss /Fat Loss / Strength Building साठी मदत करायला. . Transformation Fridays! That's what this is about. It took me 8 months to help her transform & the result is for you to see. Here's a testimonial that was written for me. . . A choice. Perseverance. And a spirit like never before. Armed with nothing but a decision I made, 8 months back I took a plunge. One, that to be very honest, I had taken many times before. . I took to a really strict and rigorous fitness and diet routine. For those who do know me, know how much of a foodie I am. Giving up a lifestyle of junk food and potatoes probably seemed like a herculean task then. Even more so, because I had attempted it before, and failed. Miserably! "Make a decision and stick to it" was what I decided, and I stuck to it like nobody's business. Making the decision was never the challenge, sticking to it always was, and to have had an absolute rock solid person as my support system through these 8 months, has been probably the best thing to have happened to me! . Over the 8 months, the strength increased, the migraines disappeared, the kilos dropped and so did sizes. Results like never before. There were fabulous days and there were a few bad ones too, but The Barefeet Guy (Sagar), never gave up and neither did he let me give up! . Hats off to you, for having been there for every set, every rep, every meal of every day. Be it form, technique, ITB hurting days, bored of cardio days and of course, sky high craving days – You were there! Always. As support, motivation, inspiration and most importantly, a friend. What has worked, is probably the tandem and the team work. We have stuck to keto as a team and been partners in crime on cheat days! – @ira_thepetproject #marathitouch #marathimulga #maharashtra_desha #maharashtra_ig #fitness #pune #maharashtra #maharashtrafit #punefitness #healthandfitness #transformationjourney #weightlossjourney #fatlossjourney #gym #nutrition #fitness #coach #fitnessscience #letsgetfit #migraine

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About The BareFeet Guy (Sagar Jadhav):

Sagar Jadhav is a K-11 Academy of Fitness Sciences certified Master Trainer & a Nutrition Consultant. He works tirelessly with his clients to help them on a path of healthy life using Exercise Sciences and Nutrition. He is also a faculty at the K-11 Academy of Fitness Sciences. He trains his clients both in the gym & online too. You can reach out to Sagar on his Instagram Handle – @barefeetguy.india & his Email: He can help you with a personalized exercise & a nutrition plan then.

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