The Buddha at the Traffic Light

Buddha at the traffic light

I was passing by a stop light early on a Saturday morning and encountered Buddha himself. Hold on. Stop that thought right there; Before you draw any conclusions on How the hell I could meet a Buddha, Hear me out.

Jesus Christ said once – “The Kingdom of God is within us”.

Many great saints have compared small children to God too.

The Great Buddha himself, was born into the royal family and had his name as Siddhartha. It was years later when he realized the knowledge from his self, he came to be known as the Buddha.

A lot of sages also said that – “There’s a Buddha in each one of you”

I read in one of the articles once that said, “When the student is ready to receive or learn, A Guru appears”. Isn’t that true ? Reflect on to one of the times in your life when you wished to learn something – Maybe an art , Maybe some college degree, Maybe a job search. But the moment the desire to learn was strong enough, wisdom or knowledge came to you in the form of an input – Maybe from friends or family , Maybe through a book, Maybe through the Internet or Maybe simply from your own inner voice.

In either case, Each of it was a Guru, A teacher that guided you through.

Just like that, I med this Buddha at the traffic light & taught me a few lessons in 10 seconds. Have look at the video first.

He taught me that, When the desire to fill the stomach with food is strong enough, It does not matter whether there is footwear to protect the feet or not.

He taught me that, If there’s something you can do , Do not do it for free.

He taught me that, Beyond the personal likes and dislikes & a constant craving for pleasure; is a need to do things that are needed in a one’s own life situation.

He taught me that, The Almighty gave the same organs and senses of pleasure to all of us. It was just fate that we were born in different families. But at some level, We are all in this together.


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