The Carrot,Apple,Spinach and Ginger Green Smoothie Recipe

Carrots and Apples in a Green Smoothie

While there are a number of Green Smoothie recipe’s available already on the internet, Here’s one smoothie that forms my morning ritual almost everyday. One pint of this tasty smoothie each morning before starting for work keeps me feeling full for a long period, literally cools the digestive tract ( no heartburn), tricks the stomach into digesting well throughout the day and makes evacuation easy the next day !

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The Carrot,Apple,Spinach &Ginger Green Smoothie

  • 1.5 medium Carrots, chopped (keep the skin)
  • 1 medium Apple, chopped ( keep the skin)
  • 1 handful of spinach ( Take 2, if you are using baby spinach)
  • small piece of ginger root grated ( This allows the juice to flow as well)
  • 50 ml of water ( Use as per consistency required )

Put all the above ingredients in a blender and blend them well for about 40-45 seconds. Blend till the mixture is creamy. This smoothie should serve 3.


3 Glasses of Smoothie to kick-start the day


  • Apple – The Apple will cover about 25% of your daily fiber requirements and make you feel full
  • Carrots – The Carrots will help with Vitamin A for your eyes
  • Spinach – Research has proven that Spinach is good for the entire digestion process
  • Ginger – This will kick-start metabolism for the day


  • The Carrots can make you feel a little gassy through the day. If it troubles you too much, simply reduce the quantity of carrots the next time you make the smoothie
  • The Apples really impart a great taste to the smoothie. If your Apples are not juicy enough, follow one of the variations below


  • You can use a citrus fruit like an Orange in your mixture. This will fuel your Vitamin C needs too
  • I prefer to use Grapes when the Apples are not juicy enough. Grapes impart a great taste too


  1. 1 Pint = 330 ml


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