A Difficult Day & Conversations with Master Raman

Unhapppy couple angry at each other

The Summer was at its’ peak in the May of 2010. While the sun kept on shining brightly with every passing minute of the day, It was just 08:30 am that 14th of May. Anticipating a long and a difficult day at work ahead of me,I was hastily having a glass of milk before leaving for my work place. “Get me my lunch box”, I almost screamed at my wife.

Irritated by my behavior that morning and for the past few days, Neha slammed my lunch box on the dining table. “What’s wrong with you?”, She said. “If this is the way it is going to continue, I am leaving for my mothers’ house today evening”, She said. ” Go and do whatever you wish”, I screamed even loudly and rushed out of the house, slamming the door behind her.

The air-conditioned car seemed to offer some respite from the summer heat. The office, still about 25 minutes away and a choc-a-block road meant I had enough time on hand to mentally line up the days’ tasks.  I quickly planned the order of my work day in my mind. Satisfied that I at least had a plan to go through the multiple meetings, I tuned the radio station to my favorite channel and kept driving at a snail slow pace.

It was Summer time, I had a fight with my wife and the work pressures were only increasing

Papon, an upcoming singer was crooning one of the hit numbers in his soothing voice. By the time his song ended, I had reached my office. Hurriedly, I parked my car in the basement and ran for the elevator.

The rest of the day was spent in making a few presentations, crunching numbers in the spreadsheet, fighting it out with the clients in a closed boardroom and closing other necessary tasks for the day.

The day had not  gone well at all. A lot of tasks had carried over for the next day, the important meeting for which I prepared over the last couple of days and also half of today had gone terribly wrong. The client was fuming and in turn, the team had made commitments which were almost impossible to achieve.

Nothing was going right !

Every thing planned had gone wrong today. Nothing had worked according to My plan

Completely fatigued, I got myself a cup of coffee from the machine and settled at my work desk. Suddenly, I saw Master Raman logged in on Facebook. Master Raman was not only my Yoga teacher, but also a spiritual mentor. I went to him with the difficult questions in life and he was always able to guide me with great suggestions.

“I have been having a very tough day, Master Raman”, I said. I could almost hear his loud laughter following my statement. Somehow, it cooled my nerves a little. “What’s wrong today Rajat?” , Master Raman inquired.

I told him the build up from the past few days , a lot of anticipation about the days’ meeting , my fights with Neha and a general distress about life. Master Raman listened keenly in that virtual chat room.

Once I was finished talking, he said, “Rajat, here are 3 pearls of wisdom for the day: Stop expecting he said. When you expect, you are trying to deal with things that are not entirely in your control. You are trying to get things done from someone other than you and even though that’s necessary at times, there’s no guarantee that it will turn out to be the way you exactly imagined.”

“Focus on your own hard work. What is really in your control, is how you put your heart to everything you did in the day. If you did it willingly without cribbing, you did well. But if you expected a result of your imagination, that is something out of your control again. In such cases, Remember the first rule”

“Ok then, Bye”, He said. ” Wait, I typed in hurriedly”. You gave me two suggestions I said , ” Stop Expecting and Focus on your own hard work. What about the third one?”

“Get a bunch of flowers and pacify your wife’s mood Rajat… Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha” , he signed off.

Stop Expecting things that are not in your control. Work doubly hard for things in your control

A difficult day had somewhat cooled off a little due to my conversation with Master Raman. I put my computer in the bag and closed the work day that evening.Suggested_Reads



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