How to lose 5 kilos of weight & start fitting into older clothes?

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A couple of weeks ago, I posted a question on my social profiles asking my network some proven strategies to lose 5 kilos of weight and start fitting into those old clothes! I was looking guidance to drop about 5 extra kilograms. To give you some context, I dropped from being 92 kilograms in September of 2017 to 79.4 in March of 2018.

I could do this by committing myself to – Exercise (Running, Gym & HIIT training) and following good nutrition itself. But, I reached a plateau in terms of the weight loss. My goal is to reach about 75 kilograms of body weight & then begin to optimize my muscle mass and maintain those levels. By the way, I document my fitness journey here on Instagram & if you are around, do hit Follow so we could stay connected.

I ran the RED Marathon, today by covering 10 kilometers in 57 minutes and 20 seconds. While, the timing remained the same as the PRBM 2017 run, I was happy to maintain that pace. The discipline for workouts has been missing in 2018 & I am going to resolve to get back on track with today's run. . In my last post on Instagram, I mentioned that breathing from the mouth and taking nice long breaths helped me well during the inclinations. On today's run, I used the same technique successfully. Generally, I tend to tire out between the 3rd and 4th kilometer. But, with a conscious focus on the breath today, that moved to the latter half of the run & even when I finished the 10k, I did not tire out at all. Breathing well is super important. Period. . Earlier last month, I could do about 700 skips without getting tired at a fun event in office. If I analyze the commonalities between today's run and that activity, it can be summed up in simply one sentence – "When the clavicles are wide open, the chest expands allowing the lungs to take in more air. When that happens, you do not get tired faster". . I have often heard from my mother (who teaches Yoga – Iyengar tradition ) that for patients with depression, BKS Iyengar used to focus on creating space in the chest area itself. He said, the emotional heart recided just beneath the sternum bone. If you have ever practiced the Urdhva Dhanurasana, you would know what I mean. Just 5 minutes of practice in that asana creates an upsurge of positive energy. . In that respect, Breath is your only companion, perhaps. When you focus on a conscious breathing pattern, you can also mute the talkative mind & focus on the moment at hand only. From the running perspective, I am going to try and experiment on my breathing to control my pace, variate it & produce powerful runs. Running is definitely a drug! The picture though, is a moment captured during the famous Runner's high 😉 . #running #runningman #runnersofinstagram #fartlek #runner #highonspeed #outdoors #pune #punekar #ARAI #hillrun #punefitnessblogger #punefitness #punerunning #hillrunning #runnershigh #pegasus33 #hustle #runningcommunity #nikepegasus33 #nikepegasus #10k

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15 Authentic Ways to lose weight & get fitter

So, When I asked my friends on how to lose 5 kilograms of my weight, they gave some interesting solutions. Here’s a bunch of 15 ideas you can use to lose weight, prioritized in no particular order:

  1. Get into a habit of waking up early & go for a jog
  2. Stop eating refined sugar
  3. Give up munchies – The bag of chips, occasional chocolates and so on
  4. Follow a GM diet
  5. Buy a weighing scale & measure your weight regularly
  6. Drink loads of water
  7. Eat spiceless, carb-less, lean food
  8. Exercise enough so that you are drenched in sweat
  9. Avoid bread
  10. Make conscious changes to your diet – Switch to low-fat milk products, look into the calorific value and choose healthier options
  11. Eat fruits instead of oily stuff
  12. Eat your dinner by 7:30 pm
  13. Try Intermittent Fasting
  14. Cut down your daily calorie intake. Use myfitnesspal or HealthifyMe apps to monitor your food
  15. Last but not the least, Cultivate a positive mindset to lose weight

Losing weight, I think comes in multiple stages. The fat around the belly will be the last one to leave, provided you strive that long. Click on Read More, to know 6 proven ways to lose the belly fat.

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