How many grams of Protein should you consume in a day?

how much protein in a day

How much Protein should you target to consume every day?

One of the most common questions that anyone who exercises regularly grapples with is – How much protein does my body need per day?

While each person might have a different goal for their fitness, more often than not, the question comes to the foreground sometimes due to a fear that – Too much consumption of protein-rich foods can have detrimental effects on the kidneys and liver. On other occasions perhaps, it is out of a genuine need to know the ideal quantity of proteins to achieve your goals.

Proteins are the building blocks for your body & foods rich in proteins are extremely necessary to build muscle, burn fat, support healthy metabolism and even bolster the health of certain organs like the thyroid and adrenal glands too. But how much protein should you have per day? It really depends on what your health goals are.

Go ahead and click on the Read More button below to understand this in detail. If you are someone who likes to go through research papers to find answers, Here’s a nice paper from NCBI titled – Dietary Proteins and Renal Function



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