The Nike Dart 12 MSL running shoes promise to help you run longer distances

Nike Dart 12 MSL shoes for running YogicDesire

The Nike Dart 12 MSL is a pair of shoes that will help you run well on concrete and tar, is affordable on the pocket, looks great & helps your feet breathe too. I started running every Sunday earlier in the September of 2017. While the runs went well for a few Sundays, my calves always seemed to be worn down after every run. After one of those Sunday’s, my calves of both the legs were exceptionally sore. While Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness or dehydration could have been a couple of good reasons, I decided to isolate the problem systematically.

I started using the pair of Nike Dart 12 MSL that I had bought a few months ago & experimented with them over the next two Sundays. My runs became more comfortable, the feet could breathe properly, the calves were no longer sore either. My feet had definitely found their match.

Here’s a list of 4 reasons you should buy the Nike Dart 12 MSL for your regular running schedule –

The Nike Dart 12 MSL is light in weight

Have you ever felt like you had to put an effort to drag your feet on the ground before running the next step? Chances are your shoes were heavier than they should be. Sometimes it is a heavy sole or otherwise, it could just be a heavier frame for the shoes. The Nike Dart 12 MSL is a lightweight running shoe.Lightweight running shoes, mean less impact thereby reducing fatigue on your legs and enabling a faster recovery post the run. When your footsteps are easy on the run, you can run longer distances with minimal effort making the entire experience pleasurable. Coupled up with a good running form, this shoe promises to make your running activity a bliss.

The Nike Dart 12 MSL fits well

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When a running shoe fits well, It should provide a snug fit at the heel. Your feet swell and lengthen over a run, so the shoe should have thumb’s width of space between the longest toe & the border of your shoe to the front. Also, make sure that your foot is able to move side to side in the shoe’s forefoot. The Nike Dart 12 MSL definitely fits this bill.

Your Calf muscles & the Knees will thank you

When the sole of your shoes is hard, the impact between the concrete road and the sole of your shoe transfers the load through the leg into the knee. The Nike Dart 12 MSL has a sole that’s neither too soft nor hard either. The shoe cushions the underfoot well. So when you run, It comfortably lands on the road & definitely takes away the intensity of the impact. The result is that the knees do not ache after the run & neither are the calf muscles sore.

The Nike Dart 12 MSL is an affordable product

The Nike Dart 12 MSL is available in the price range of 3000-5000 INR. I remember I purchased mine at a shoe store in the United States for under $50. At this price range, this product is one of the entry-level running shoes from Nike. So, If you are just starting out on a regular running schedule & would be shopping for your running gear soon, I would recommend this for you. However, if you are a seasoned runner & have been doing the drill for a few years now, Nike has an entire range of running shoes available. Moreover, if you are flat-footed, it is always recommended that you walk to the store & try out a few different pairs before zeroing in onto your pair of shoes.

Which shoe do you use for your running? Drop in your comments in the section below.

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