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As I drove to work today, I thought about a couple of things – Richness & Consciousness. Here’s a short post that’s a mirror of those thoughts.

About Being Rich (Richness)

The currency you use daily to “buy” stuff – your bread, your wine, your cars, your house etc; belongs to your ego. When you buy bread with your currency, you may feel thankful you could afford it. When you buy a house, you may feel accomplished, but soon that feeling is taken over by an urge to have a bigger house and more too. When you buy a luxury car, it feels the same. But the feeling does not last in either case. In other words, the ego loves to be rich. But since we always have been conditioned to be rich in terms of “currency” or “money”, we vehemently reject every other richness. But, Being Rich is having something in abundance. Each one of us has something in abundance. I think the key is to find what “That” is. If we work hard to make “that” thing we have in abundance and get genuine appreciation in return, That’s when the currency of ego will start coming back to you. For example – Let us say I am a good surgeon; Because I am a good surgeon, patients will recommend me and because you will recommend me, I will be able to charge a fee ( the currency of ego). It’s probably time to look at this differently for a happy and a successful life.

Consciousness wears the cloak of this body-mind complex

If you read about spirituality in general, you might relate to this statement instantly. The spiritual master, Mooji said this in one of his talks, “Consciousness wears the cloak of this body”. You may ask why? Mooji answers, that everything in this world is “experiencing”. We experience pain as we experience pleasure. We experience love as we experience sadness. We experience good food as we experience bad food. While the bad experiences make us question, “Why Me?” ; The good experiences make the ego ( that rules because of this body-mind) stronger. The good experiences make us feel bigger and stronger. So, when you get a praise, for example for the good work done. The Ego experiences this & feels stronger. Maybe, I criticize you – The Ego feels threatened because of this body-mind & you react in an unfavorable way. If there were no body-mind, Consciousness would not have a way to reclaim itself back. When asked, “What the purpose of my life is?” , The spiritual master Papaji said “It’s to return back to home” or In other words “Use this experiencing to learn and grow by listening to the voice within”. Think of this in terms of a car. Let us say- you drive a Tata Nano ( an entry level car) at the beginning of your career. You work hard and finally buy a Mercedes ( a luxury sedan). The Ego feels great that you could afford the Mercedes. The experience of driving a Mercedes makes you feel invincible and accomplished too. But, you the body remains unchanged. Imagine your body in this car example to be the “Consciousness” and the car ( Mercedes or the Tata Nano) to be the body-mind ; A vehicle to experience the ride.

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