How to make Success by following your heart?

Success by following your heart

There is a voice in the heart; I know. It refuses to speak with me every single waking moment of my day, though. Probably, that’s because There is a voice in the head too, I know. This voice in the head is the one which compares,rejects,makes a judgment,gossips,desires the material life deeply, fears harm,wants things to go a certain way and so on. This voice undoubtedly has bright feathers; In the world that we live for 16 hours a day, It is this voice that we relate to constantly. It has a frequency that all the human beings understand. If you observe a little closely the next time, You will most certainly be able to relate this voice to the part of your body above the neck.

The voice in the heart,on the other hand,does not shout out loudly at all. It silently guides. If there’s one word that the voice in the heart could be defined by, It would be “Peace”. Probably, one experiences this peace in deep sleep. So, when you wake up after a good night’s sleep, You feel peace for the first few minutes of the day. This is also when the mood is simply great,but the important point here is that our vibrant voice in the head is asleep. It is when this voice in the head is asleep, the one in the heart is able to communicate easily; or let us say, it is then that we are able to realize its existence.

If you are looking for this “Peace” , There’s another way to experience it for a longer period. It’s about 2 hours prior to the world ( your family / friends / all the other people) wakes up. Let us say this time is around 5:30 AM. Noted leadership speaker, Robin Sharma advises us to take control of this leadership hour between 5 and 6 am. That’s the time when the world is asleep. So there’s no one to disturb or have a want on your time, He says. He goes further and defines this leadership hour as the time when you can achieve the most productivity.

Productivity is a funny term too. I think, all it means is achieving the maximum of the limited time (not only at work. Life is limited too, right?); Which is why when there are no meetings at the office you end up doing more work. For some, the time before everyone arrives in office & the time after everyone has left the office make for the most productive hours. The reason is the same as Robin Sharma puts it. There’s no want / or demand on your time in such situations.

In other words, when there is no want or demand on your time, the voice in the heart is able to communicate clearly with you. This voice is almost like a guiding light. If you pay attention keenly the next time, You will find that it gives you insights / instructions that are intended ONLY for YOU. If you manage to be in tune with this voice for extended periods during the day, You may also define it as “Being in the zone” perhaps.

Though common logic would dictate that we do everything we do during our waking hours for “Money” itself ; I think  everything we do in our adult life is to earn “Money” so that we can feel at “Peace” with the very feeling of having more than enough in the savings bank account.

When there’s “Peace”, the voice in the head suddenly goes silent.

Think about the last time you got your annual raise at the office, or the last day of the month when the phone beeped and pushed some salary into your account or the time when you cracked a big business deal or when you learned that your investments have doubled. The next thing you wanted to do was to celebrate for a while – Maybe with a drink OR a drive with your lover OR an outing with friends OR A vacation perhaps. But then, as soon as the money was spent, the voice in the head became active again asking you clearly to work harder and achieve more so that you could feel at peace.

The important point to be noted from the above argument is that “When you felt at peace in the past, You wanted to automatically do things that you loved” & since we are able to identify that feeling clearly, we find ways to be in Peace for extended periods every single day.

But then, The voice in the head “fears” too; It “fears” that there will not be enough money in the bank to be at peace. It “fears” disease and sickness. It “fears” death.

As  J Krishnamurti puts it, Death is the phenomenon where normal life cannot continue. Or in other words, It is the phenomenon where the voice in the head would no longer be able to communicate.Since the main duty of the voice in the head is to want/judge/discriminate/fear, none of this will continue either in death. THAT is something we Fear in itself and so we keep going on every single day with everything we do.

Probably, Since we never spent enough time trying to know the voice in the heart during most of the adult life, we will always fear the eventuality when this voice will stop communicating completely. In other words, we always Fear the things that are unknown.

So then, the question is,  “How do you really connect or get to know this voice in the heart?”

The answer is perhaps simple – “ Do everything out of love” . That’s another way to say, “Do not do anything out of fear”

Let us examine this out of real life situations –

If you are hungry, “ Go and eat”. If you wanted to eat a high-calorie burger and you are on a diet, make a conscious choice to eat healthy. But do not let the voice in the head overpower you by thoughts like – “Damn this diet. I can’t even enjoy that sinful burger” OR “This happens to me every time. Look at all my friends. All of them will have this burger. How can I say no and not fit in the group”.  The voice in the heart asked you to eat while the voice in the head made you feel bad or exceedingly good.

If you don’t have money in the bank, “ Go and work hard to earn it”. That’s the direction from the voice in the heart. But the voice in the head will debate various situations with you by communicating, “ Damn, You will never earn that Audi” OR “Damn. I need to get rich tomorrow” OR “Look at that person of my age, he already has a million dollars and I don’t” and so on. Realize that this discrimination is the voice of the head.

If your body shows signs of disease, “ Go to a doctor and rule it out”. That’s the direction from the voice of the heart. But the voice in the head will ask you probably to browse the internet for symptoms. When you do it, you might find the symptoms matching with some dreadful disease. The voice in the head will take you on a fear overdrive and probably even declare you dead already.

All these situations above were a mere portrayal of what the voice in the head does to us every single day and makes life less happy.

So, I will leave you with a few activities that I think can work to help each one of us connect with that voice in the head :-

  1. Take control of your life during the leadership hour between 5-6 am. Contemplate on your life silently during this time. Write your thoughts down if you may. Make your goals. Practice an art. Meditate or Exercise.
  2. Do whatever is needed for every situation. When you are hungry, eat. Do not think of other things at that time.
  3. Spend 30 minutes of the day with yourself. You may go for a walk after work if you please, or read a book ; or listen to excellent music. Consciously, make an effort not to think during this time.
  4. Eat light OR Eat only what is needed. A healthy body leads to a  healthy mind. In my experience, a light dinner does wonders for the next morning. It keeps you happy and peaceful since the stomach is well-rested too.
  5. Declare a no technology zone in the bedroom after dinner. It’s time to unwind and relax in that space and catch a good night’s sleep.
  6. This one’s from my grandfather – “Your salary or the money you earn may go on increasing. But do not increase your lifestyle, he said”. In other words, keep your needs limited. Invest more before you spend and when you spend, spend prudently. This will lead to peace indirectly and help you connect with the voice in the heart.

There could be more ways to achieve our objective. But these are the ones I could think of today.

I wonder in the end, What would it be like to be guided only by the voice in the heart for every waking moment of my life ? I think, It would be Bliss.

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