Tears: They are a proof that something moved within You. That’s it.

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Tears are nature’s way of expressing an energy that is too much to handle within the physical limits of the body. That’s why we cry. We cry when there is extreme happiness for there’s no other immediate way to feel that emotion intensely. We cry when we lose a loved one, for there’s a big void that nothing else can immediately fill. When did you last find yourself crying in public ? Can you remember the reason for the same ?

Here’s a guest post by Mr. Subbaraman (Subba) Iyer, An academician par excellence. You can connect with Mr. Subba Iyer on Facebook or LinkedIn. Click on the icons before to lead you to his social profiles.

What Incident made you tear up in public ?

Many years back, I used to visit a temple in Bangalore with the family. On one such routine visit, as we walked down the stairs, A sprightly 10 year old was trying to sell us pickles packed in a bottle. I declined that day and walked away.

A few weeks later, She met us again exactly at the same spot and tried to sell us pickles yet again. This time, I decided to buy to reward her persistence. As I gave the cash to the girl and was about to take the 2 bottles full of pickle from her, my grandmother (who was accompanying us) interjected and told me in Tamil “Don’t take the pickles. God knows, what oil they would be using”. She told the girl “ Please keep the money. We don’t need the pickles!”.

The 10 year old with great restraint handed over the cash back to me and said “Sir, I have come to sell, not beg. “ Looking at my grandmother, she told her “ The person who makes the pickles is my grandmother like you. Please don’t doubt us. If you wait for a few minutes, I shall sell the pickles (as the crowd was leaving the temple) and I will take you to my place and you can see how my grandmother makes the pickles.”

Admiring the girl’s confidence and conviction, I apologized for my grandmother’s insensitivity and offered to buy 10 bottles. She refused. “I don’t want any charity”, She said.

That was it ! Tears began to trickle from my eyes. Much as I tried to suppress them, The girl’s conviction made me cry. She was taken aback at the sight. Ultimately, we made a deal to buy 4 bottles.

After all was sold, we walked to her house. It was a small room and her grandmother was making pickles. We ended up doing some small talk and I inquired about whether the girl went to a school.

I got details about her school, her name and other relevant particulars.

Next day, I landed at the Principal’s office and paid the school fees for 3 years after getting an assurance from the Principal that my identity would never be revealed.

Subsequently, we made multiple trips to the temple & saw the girl every time. She would smile, wave & wish us but never make a sales pitch.

Inquisitively, I asked her once why she doesn’t want to sell us more pickles ?

She simply replied, ” I know you may still have some pickle left in the house.”

I don’t think I have ever cried even as a kid. But this girl brought me tears.

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