The First Kiss & Our Thinking Mind

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Raghav, Tina & The First Kiss

I was a 12 year old boy back then; at the brink of “teen-age” with hormones running wild. As vividly I remember, that was probably when I became comfortable with my own body. The school used to run Sex education classes every Friday. While the facilitator did her best to educate us about the basics of Sex Education, I remember giggles coming in from every corner of the class as the facilitator pulled out a condom from its packet only to communicate clearly about its’ use.

I had a friend named Tina then. She was my immediate neighbor. I think she just lived in an apartment very close to ours.  Tina and I were childhood buddies. We were daily playmates! Our mothers’ were great friends too.  While dads’ were away during the day, Tina and my mother shared good amount of time together on their shopping trips, trying out new recipes’, watching TV shows and so on.

On one such afternoon, after school, I happened to be at Tina’s place with my mother. While the mothers’ chit chatted, Tina and I were playing some board game.

All of a sudden, I do not remember what happened, But Tina and I stared into each other’s’ eyes and before I knew anything more, I went near her and kissed her on her cheek.

My mother was sitting in view of both of us & she has seen what happened.

In the evening, when I and my mother were discussing things about school and the homework, she breached the topic casually on what transpired that afternoon.

“Raghav, I saw you kissed Tina in the afternoon today. Why did you do that?” She said.

“ Ma”, I said. “I have seen you kiss Tina’s little sister (approximately 2-3 years old then) too. So what’s wrong in kissing Tina?”

“She’s not small like her sister”, said my mother and asked me not to do the same again.

We never spoke about it ever again.

The curious case of the “Thinking Mind”

Come to think of it, the incident above was a natural case that happened between two innocent kids. Probably, there was no emotion involved either. More so, there was no “thought” process.  It was a simple feeling that ensued and the kiss happened.

As adults, we have a strong sense of what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”. But, it is nothing but a direct function of the conditioning we learn by living in our own society. That is why we see different people around us. Also that is why we see different thought processes.

I am sure; you are still thinking about an innocent kiss that Raghav shared with Tina. Look closely, because that’s your own “Thinking Mind” at play.

The “Thinking Mind” takes over every single day, in almost every situation.

Let us say, you think of an alternate career choice. The “Thinking Mind” immediately analyzes about the pros and cons’ of the impending decision. If the “Thinking Mind” thinks that the cons’ are more than the pros of taking that decision, you do not take the decision at all.

The “Thinking Mind”, in other words prevents action. It prevents possibilities from being realized.  If the “Thinking Mind” is not at play, action simply happens. There’s no judgment or labeling of that action.

From the eyes of the society, the action may or may not be appropriate. The gains and the losses of that action would purely be according to the practical rules that the society has.  But, the action itself is neither right nor wrong. It is just an action itself.

Think about it the next time you find yourself in the clutches of your “Thinking Mind”.

What will happen if you arrest the thought process right there and simply decide whether to act or not in the situation you are involved with?

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