ZOAR – A Retreat that promises to answer Life’s most Important Questions

Spiritual Retreat Nitin Ram

We are all “seekers” in our own right. From the time of our birth to the time of death, we “seek”.  At birth, the baby seeks for its’ mother’s milk. Then it seeks her attention. As the body grows and a sense of identity emerges, the young kid seeks for the attention of its parents. As life’s experiences set in further and the needs for life grow, the young being starts seeking a sense of financial, emotional and physical security. In times of illness, we seek medical care. In times when things do not go right, we seek divine intervention too.

We constantly seek; As if we were a radar continuously looking for danger around us

However, a time comes in each one’s life when realization dawns that no matter whatever we seek and get, life still seems to be incomplete. Fear is a constant companion for desires are not being met.One thing is however certain. Be it the Fear or the Sadness of things not going a certain way, all these emotions are manifestations of one’s Life’s direct experiences.

Fear continues to be a constant companion when desires are not met

In moments of despair, Each being strives to develop their own unique coping mechanism to go through life. Some may summon Life Coaches, or some may take to various addictions. Some may summon the gods’ and perform various rituals. The list could simply be endless.

Needless to say, despite all these efforts, Life continues to go on and unfold at its own pace.

Some take to the Gods ; Some to various addictions ; Some perform rituals only to keep the moments of despair and grief away

Probably, Grief and Despair give rise to a few direct questions within some of the beings; Questions like – What is the purpose of my life ? What should my goal be ? Is money making my only purpose ? Why is peace so elusive ?& So on.

These questions are not asked by another being, But by the unknown voice within; the voice that was perhaps strong at birth, but was downed by the unending demands of a progressing life.

An unknown voice then asks : Who am I? What is the purpose of my Life ? Why is peace so elusive?

If you relate to whatever you read above, ZOAR can be one of experiences you may want to gift yourself.

Anhad A spritual retreat by Nitin Ram

ZOAR is a retreat run by Nitin Ram, A contemporary spiritual teacher. But let me refrain from heavy words. I will simply refer to Nitin as a mentor or a life coach. Nitin is an Engineer by education. Over a career spanning almost 20-30 years, Nitin has run a successful commercial business venture himself for a long time.

The retreat is a 3 day experience, literally in the lap of nature.


Situated in the village Jor near Wai in Maharashtra, ZOAR is run out of a beautiful farm house situated near the banks of river Krishna and at the foothills of Mahableshwar hill.


Nitin is an enlightened being and an ardent devotee of Nisarga Datta Maharaj. He has been bestowed with a capacity to guide spiritual seekers on their quest of the Ultimate Truth. Nitin connects exceptionally well with the younger beings. He’s able to hold a conversation naturally with them and give relevant pointers to help them on their journey of life.


I recently had the good fortune of attending a ZOAR retreat & soaking in the teachings of Nitin Ram. It was an experience I would wish for everyone who relates to this blog post.This is a 3 day residential retreat that happens once every month at the moment. The retreat focuses on the participants’ natural spontaneity.


There are no rules that you need to follow. Sessions are planned throughout the day; some in the form of Questions and Answers, Some in the form of lectures by Nitin. One will find a lot of interactive games being stitched into the agenda. The retreats are specially designed to pick at your mind and make you contemplate, think, reflect and find answers to the questions within.


One of the most fulfilling experiences of this retreat was that it was attended by people from diverse backgrounds in life. It helped to communicate with each other, learn more about life’s curved balls and appreciate the dynamic nature of the journey itself.

I attended this retreat in the Monsoon ; An Year when the village Jor received incessant rainfall. Bridges were broken by nature’s fury. So we had to park our vehicles at bay and walk our way to the retreat.


On one of the days, Nitin took us for a trek into the forest. Each day was spent in spending a lot of time conversing with the teacher and getting new insights for daily life.


While the retreat goes by the name ANHAD, I preferred to refer it by the name ZOAR in this post. It resonates to me as a “Roar”; A Roar of a Tiger to say. ZOAR – Unleash the voice within !

It is difficult to really describe the experience of the retreat in words; so I won’t. However, a promise is that if you decide to keep the over thinking mind at bay, are ready to take a leap of faith, not draw conclusions in any sort even before attending this retreat, The ZOAR experience is for you. Maybe the voice within will purr initially, but if the teachings do percolate, It holds a great promise to make the voice Roar with fearlessness.


I leave you with a few important links that will help you connect with Nitin and his team:

  1. Nitin Ram’s Facebook Page 
  2. ANHAD (ZOAR) Retreat Facebook Page
  3. Nitin Ram’s Blog 
  4. Self Calling E-mail : selfcalling@gmail.com


  1. Sounds very interesting. Will check the links and plan a session

    • YogicDesireAugust 30, 2016 at 7:23 am

      @Mansi – Definitely do so. You will find details to get in touch to the bottom of the blog. If not, get in touch – Tejas Phatak

  2. !!!!!!!!!…… wow !!!!! No words.. actually. . 🙂

  3. Mrinmayee ShirgaonkarAugust 30, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forwaed to attend it!

  4. mmm..interestingly.. Zoar..literally also means a haven..refuge.. a sanctuary !!!

    • That’s certainly good to know. Jor, The village led to ZOAR, I thought. Jor in marathi would mean a force ( from within) in this case. ZOAR sounds like a Roar, for the inner voice. Wonderful. A Sanctuary to take you to the boundless at ANHAD. It all ties up together. Gratitude !

  5. Kalpana ThakurSeptember 3, 2016 at 3:38 pm

    Interesting! ! I wanna to do this retreat

    • Kalpana – You should 🙂 It’s a brand new perspective on life. Guaranteed ! I hope you found the relevant links to the bottom of the post.

  6. Madhuri kaleOctober 14, 2016 at 10:46 am

    Gr8…pics itself says a lot.. .i would love to b there….pls can u send me d details…thnku

    • Madhuri – Sorry for coming in late on this. You can call us on 09890064479 to know more details. Otherwise, scroll down on the post, you will find direct link to the facebook page of ZOAR retreat.

  7. looks interesting i am sure some day I am going to be apart of attending this will check out your links and definetly get back.

  8. I am very keen to make it too.. Although from the feel of it, I could end up needing more than 3days in a place like this 🙂

    • Amit, That’s true. You go in the first time & soak in the learnings. Then you experiment with your own “self”. Then you return to learn more 🙂


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